Q: How much is a Miya Bailey Tattoo? A: Prices vary, please call 404-525-4462 1pm-10pm (Sundays 1pm-6pm) for price quotes. If the line is busy keep calling until you speak with a real person.
Q: Where do you tattoo? A: For smaller pieces I tattoo at City of Ink. For larger pieces I tattoo at my studio located near City of Ink
Q: How can I book a tattoo appointment with Miya Bailey?
  1. Call the booking manager at the front of City of Ink at 404-525-4465.
    • Tell the manager the concept and with in twenty four hours Miya will give approval or not
    • If I have complete creative control, I’ll take the challenge.
Q: How can I reach Miya Bailey to get an interview? A: For interviews or anything of the sort, like Charity Events, appearances, etc. call 404-644-1912.
Q: Can I email Miya my tattoo ideas? A: The Answer is no. I hate emails. I dont need help with the design, except if it is portrait work.