HD Exclusive Interview: Funk Tha World

Today we bring you and exclusive interview featuring the talented Funk, Manager at The Dripping Star located in Castleberry Hills. Expressing himself every way he can in his signature stylings of art. This interview is a good read while scrolling through checking out Funk Tha World’s one of a kind art pieces. – via

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1. Can you give the people a little background on yourself? 

I am Funk Tha World aka Darrell Chacon Thomas II aka Tha artplug aka Uncle Funkenstein. 27,  Born in south ATLANTA , College Park to be exact .. I am a concept artist and use any medium necessary to get my point, my vision, and my message out through my artwork.


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2. How long have you been drawing? 

I have been drawing since I can remember . Tha only way to keep me still as a youngin was to put paper and pencil in from of me. 

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3. Where were you when you created your first piece? 

In my diapers probably lol .. I can’t recall Tha first piece of art I done .. One of my earliest memories of a finished piece was a mural of a sun with sunglasses on Tha wall of my parents new house when I was about 3 or 4 I think .. 

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4. What’s your preferred style of art? 

I don’t have a preferred art style. Again I create with any medium necessary to get my point across in my art.. I don’t like labels or people trying to categorize me in a certain field.. My art is a form of expression .. No words needed to feel that emotion my art brings to Tha viewers .. But if Tha people a preferred style from me … It would be FUNKY !!!


5. When did you transition into putting your art on clothing? 

I never saw myself as a fashion designer. I see myself as an artist . So when it came to me putting my art on apparel it was really for promotion and money .. Art can easily be seen by others through apparel. And I had it in my mind that it would b dope Ta do everyone’s Tshirt designs that way my art is still on clothes but not directly from me.. Then I realized Tha hassle that come with commission work, especially with apparel designs so I decided to take that step and making my own design for my own brand FUNK SHUI CLOTHING .. That way I can keep it funky, and so can u. 
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6. How did you get connected with City 
Of Ink/ The Dripping Star? 

Well City of Ink is family … Each and every individual under tha family tree is talented artist in their own unique way. If you pay attention to my progress you will see that I would be ending up somewhere Under that dripping star .. 
When I attended Albany State University in Albany Ga, I had it in my mind that I wanted to be an artist and only that. To work for myself and make money like Tha greats before me do .. In particular Miya Bailey and Tuki Carter. 
Why them? Because they were in my hometown of ATLANTA and if it were possible to learn from them, just as dope artist in history learned from even better mentors, then I too can become Tha funky dope artist im suppose to be. 
But there were road bumps or life lessons I had to conquer before I could be that. One major hurdle? I’m may be Tha only person in my family that has dedicate a life to art.. My family will always support me but when it came to art they did not kno how to direct me to being Funk Tha World . 
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After I graduated from ASU I came back to Atlanta to continue my art dreams, following City of Inks progress and persuong my tattoo career while workin 2 jobs . I met Miya first through a friend a big brother Flex owner of POPATL. He made a tshirt for Miya and I went w him to drop it off at his personal studio. I was honored as he gave me words of advice and flipped through my sketchbook. Ima a reader of vibes and energy and from what I was reading I was being accepted as a talented creator to look out for. 
I brought my art books to City of Ink a few times but Tha accepting vibes on Tha views was not what I wanted .. They accepted it but I they didn’t jump on it lol. I understood I had Ta grind harder and in Tha back of my mind I thought maybe I shouldn’t be under a Miya Bailey or City of Ink. Maybe I’m suppose ta be on his level in my own lane or life , but still im not dumb. I know COI is top elite in Atlanta when it comes to Art. So still in my soul always wanted to be apart ..
In that first session with Miya , he told me get into artshows, and I did every artshow I heard about, bringing every painting I had completed after college. Live painting in Tha dark, at parties, in restaurants it didn’t matter lol . That went on for maybe 2 , 2 1/2 years .. Went through two apprenticeship with 2 different tattoo shops .. All while working .. lol bussin my ass cuz I was caught in that need a job to survive mindset .. I took a step back and sat myself down and got serious with myself.. Telling myself what I want and strategizing around that… 
Around that time Miya was in Tha beginning stages of working on his new vision, Notch8 Gallery. He put a post on Tha gram saying he needed help painting Tha walls .. I had his number and I instantly called.. Showed up that day to a room full of ppl lol .. Some painting walls, others smackin Tha food on Tha table, a few flirting, mackin , hangin .. In my mind I came Ta work.. Funk meeting new people unless they work here lol.. Everybody was workin then after Tha first “safety break” (smoke break), everyone started Doin they own thang.. I jus kept painting .. 
After we finished that day Miya invited everyone to his studio for another “safety break” and chill session, you kno jus Ta kick back and feel that vibe .. Artist pullin out sketchbooks, I put 2 of my in rotation.. One of Tha main people that loved my work was Sharon Dennehy, co owner of Notch8 Gallery.. Hint hint  
A while after he had a convo with me and one of Tha things I remember him saying was said “don’t think I don’t see what your doing, I’ve been watching … Continue.” Letting me know that all my grinding is not goin unnoticed 
From there me n my brother from another mother Binky Warbuck$ were brought in to help with Notch8 Gallery as galley assistant . Doin all Tha bs work the people don’t see. From putting lights and shop vacuuming Tha floor to Runnin Tha merchandise table at artshows . 
I became family funk 13
Going into City of Ink I had it set in my mind that I did not want to tattoo. I wanted to continue being an artist. Miya n Tuki bought Tha spot next door with Tha vision to turn it into a boutique, The Dripping Star. When it opened after tha Atlanta Renaissance artshow I migrated over there and it became permanent as I helped built it out with my bro Binks and Tha OG Reveal. Now I manage The Dripping Star and have an opportunity to create and add a lil funk to Tha vision lol 

7. How can the people get in contact to purchase or browse your work? 

If you want to contact me for commission work hit my email funkTHAworld1@gmail.com
If you wanna check out more of my work, follow me on Instagram and Twitter : @_funkthaworld . Facebook Darrel Funk Thomas. My own personal website will be coming soon….
If ur looking to purchase some of my artwork stop by The Dripping Star, 323 Walker St, Atl Ga. 
My own personal store website is http://funkthaworld.storenvy.com 
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8. Any new projects in the works? 

Yea I have some new projects that I’m funkin with… Right now I’m being more precise and strategic with my movements. Yea people Funk with me.. But my art ain’t a fad or a phase .. My artwork will live on forever and a day.. So it has to be presented as such and not thrown together with no thought behind it. 

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9. How was your 4/20 experience this year?

Believe it or not I was workin this 420 lol. Tuki told me “if I’m not here then Tha boutique not open” . Not sayin anybody else can’t run Dripping Star but this is my position. So I was in The Dripping Star majority of Tha day selling everything I could lol. I can’t even call it work cuz I slick enjoyed it .. Made money, ate bomb ahh 95th st tacos , had a few “safety breaks” and it shut down . So, my 420 was life … And enjoyed every FUNKIN second . 💩

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