• Q How much is a Miya Bailey Tattoo? A Prices vary, please call 404-525-4462 1pm-10pm (Sundays 1pm-6pm) for price quotes. If the line is busy keep calling until you speak with a real person.
    Q Where do you tattoo? A For smaller pieces I tattoo at City of Ink. For larger pieces I tattoo at my studio located near City of Ink
    Q How can I book a tattoo appointment with Miya Bailey? A Call the booking manager at the front of City og Ink at 404-525-4465.
    - Tell the manager the concept and with in twenty hours Miya will give approval or not
    - If I have complete creative control, I'll take the challenge.
    Q How can I reach Miya Bailey to get an interview? A For interviews or anything of the sort, like Charity Events, appearances, etc. call 404-644-1912.
    Q Can I email Miya my tattoo ideas? A The Answer is no. I hate emails. I dont need help with the design, except if it is portrait work.



Back in time….

If you could travel back in time and talk to your younger self what would you tell him? Would you look yourself in the eyes and warn him that everyone isn’t loyal. That everyone wasn’t raised or built the same? That one man’s code of honor isn’t the next man’s code of honor. Would these warnings corrupt the heart & thoughts of this young naive soul? Or would it make him stronger or weaker because he didn’t learn from these lessons on his own? Would you just watch without getting involved reshaping your own present day life? Just random thoughts today…