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    Q Where do you tattoo? A For smaller pieces I tattoo at City of Ink. For larger pieces I tattoo at my studio located near City of Ink
    Q How can I book a tattoo appointment with Miya Bailey? A Call the booking manager at the front of City og Ink at 404-525-4465.
    - Tell the manager the concept and with in twenty hours Miya will give approval or not
    - If I have complete creative control, I'll take the challenge.
    Q How can I reach Miya Bailey to get an interview? A For interviews or anything of the sort, like Charity Events, appearances, etc. call 404-644-1912.
    Q Can I email Miya my tattoo ideas? A The Answer is no. I hate emails. I dont need help with the design, except if it is portrait work.



Nourish by: Chef Ramos


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Mr.Soul: What is and isn’t the right way to respond.


Over the past couple of days I’ve read a lot online about what is and isn’t the right way to respond to yet another situation where the police disregards the life of a black individual. Some have criticized others for or for not rioting, some have criticized others for paying more attention to Robin Williams’ suicide, some have criticized others for “just” reposting pics and twitter rants. Some are criticizing the attention given to cops killing our kids over them killing themselves. And many have criticized because it’s their comfort zone and all they care to do.

Social media has become the platform upon which any and everything is communicated non-stop, 24-7 with people we don’t even know. It has become the platform to share information, images and insight sans a Controlled News Network. Everything we know about Ferguson that is not from the controlled media has come from social networks of people on the front lines giving us this information to share to the world. It has also become the medium upon which some people express themselves when they don’t know what else they can do.

It’s easy to criticize, and especially when you’re not offering solutions or putting in any werk. And, it’s pretty damaging when unity is required. Around the time of Troy Davis’ execution when I was organizing artists to participate in a group exhibit, this was the same talk. I even got called out for “tweeting about it” because “that ain’t gone change shit”, but that was the furthest from the truth. I was able to connect with artists outside of Atlanta who wanted their voice to be seen. I was able to draw from the emotional energy gained by reading how people felt that gave me strength to press on to “do something”. We connected through emotions shared through tweets, IG pics and information which wasn’t possible for us to do until THIS day and age. And we were able to share that exhibit in honor of Troy Davis via the very same social networking platforms.

With that said, nobody has the answers. Apparently. Because another person of color is dead at the hands of the police, again. We’ve been here before. Tweets, IG pics, statements. And it’s going to happen again in that same order. But one thing for sure doesn’t werk, criticizing. If you can comfortably criticize the “small” efforts of others in your rants, then you have:

√ organized some people on some sort of actions and objectives

√ are in the continued process of doing the above mentioned

√ taken consistent time to go talk to and mentor children (not just career day)

√ have participated with grassroots organizations during “down time”, meaning when there is no issue.

√ a social profile that shows consistency in your positions/views/activity regarding these matters

√ been on the front lines at rallies and protests

√ done some other things that fall in line with the above.

If not, please STFU. YOU, are the problem.
“I’m not saying I’m gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world.” – Tupac Shakur
There seems to be this big misconception that “the revolution” and change is implemented when everybody hops on the front lines with AK-47s bussin’ shots at the police then go home to talk about it. Pretty idiotic thought process in my opinion. Education, information and unification are required over that. And right now, we’re kinda empty in all three accounts.

In the Navy, there’s a position for Information Professional who’s job is to “help enable the free flow of information, serving as the first line of network defense…” with specific responsibilities that don’t require firing a pistol. So you mean to tell me this person isn’t a valuable asset to the Naval Organization because all they do is “information”? Oh. Ok.

Who are we to condemn the person who spends their time sharing valid, valuable information for FREE? So what if they didn’t go to the rally. So what if they didn’t throw a bottle through some windows and burned shit down, so what if they didn’t operate in the manner you deem they should. Maybe that seemingly effortless post reached somebody like Pac articulated. And, that judgement isn’t for you to pass, that’s their struggle to deal with. The question is, what are YOU doing besides criticizing them? Did you go to the rally? Did YOU set it off in your neighborhood? If it’s not a molotov cocktail of the checkmarks listed above, you, are, the, problem.

Social media is a platform for people to engage how they see fit. Somebody probably don’t like yo’ shit. There are no rules. Some people are selling art, misc. products, religion, pussy, lean, the end of the world, dirty panties, whatever. I’ve had to come to terms with this very statement myself when I’ve caught myself guilty of becoming frustrated. But all that matters is that I know what I and the people associated with me are doing.

I find it interesting that a lot of these criticisms are about what others victims (because we are all victims here) “are” and “aren’t” doing, and not about discussing ideas that play a CONTINUED role in changing things. If you’re a doctor, lawyer, publicist, stripper, street soldier, deacon, weed man, a person who “just” tweets, photographer who “just” posts pics on IG, MMA expert, farmer, felon, a whatever…if you know and play your role in implementing change then you are part of the SOULution. Everyone’s role isn’t the same, all of y’all niggas won’t be bussin’ shots so cut it out, and if you don’t know or have a role, find one TODAY.

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