• Q How much is a Miya Bailey Tattoo? A Prices vary, please call 404-525-4462 1pm-10pm (Sundays 1pm-6pm) for price quotes. If the line is busy keep calling until you speak with a real person.
    Q Where do you tattoo? A For smaller pieces I tattoo at City of Ink. For larger pieces I tattoo at my studio located near City of Ink
    Q How can I book a tattoo appointment with Miya Bailey? A Call the booking manager at the front of City og Ink at 404-525-4465.
    - Tell the manager the concept and with in twenty hours Miya will give approval or not
    - If I have complete creative control, I'll take the challenge.
    Q How can I reach Miya Bailey to get an interview? A For interviews or anything of the sort, like Charity Events, appearances, etc. call 404-644-1912.
    Q Can I email Miya my tattoo ideas? A The Answer is no. I hate emails. I dont need help with the design, except if it is portrait work.



Miya Bailey Rose Tattoo Tweet-to-Win

Now it’s time to vote for your favorite rose tattoo design as a part of our Rose Tattoo Tweet-to-Win sweepstakes (official rules). Entering is easy, with the grand prize being a chance to win an in-home catered dinner for up to 6 people, a $1,000 American Express gift card, and an in-home sensory kit of Apothic gear and wine tasting aids!

To enter the contest, follow these simple instructions:

    1. Click here and view featured three rose tattoo designs by tattoo artists Mary Joy Scott, Luke Wessman, and Miya Bailey.
    2. Make sure you are logged in to your Twitter account.
    3. Pick Miya Bailey’s design and choose the Tweet button underneath to vote. An auto-generated tweet will automatically post from your account.
    4. You can also enter by tweeting at @ApothicWine using the hashtag of your favorite artist (#MaryJoyRoseTat, #LukeRoseTat, or #MiyaRoseTat).
    5. The artist with the most votes will make out with a cash prize, and if you win, you’ll be treated to the aforementioned prizes!


Walking Melrose [Los Angeles]

Walking down Melroses with Corey Davis… We wanted to do a little designer toy shopping.. Corey wanted to get his apprentice, Chris something.. And I wanted to find something for my toy collection too… I have been to LA a LOT in the last 13 years and I have seen stores come and go.. I wanted to go to my favorite toy store in LA but we learned it was closed down.. But the good news…the space was turned into a DOPE art gallery.. And the gallery worker told us about a new toy store a few blocks down called “T.A.G.” Toy Art Gallery… So me and Corey jetted over there and it was amazing!!! I learned about this artist, Blamo and he had some beautiful work.. I will be purchasing something from him very soon… I will post more later.. Time for me to wake & bake and getting some of this weed smoke out my hotel room before the cleaning lady shows up…