• Q How much is a Miya Bailey Tattoo? A Prices vary, please call 404-525-4462 1pm-10pm (Sundays 1pm-6pm) for price quotes. If the line is busy keep calling until you speak with a real person.
    Q Where do you tattoo? A For smaller pieces I tattoo at City of Ink. For larger pieces I tattoo at my studio located near City of Ink
    Q How can I book a tattoo appointment with Miya Bailey? A Call the booking manager at the front of City og Ink at 404-525-4465.
    - Tell the manager the concept and with in twenty hours Miya will give approval or not
    - If I have complete creative control, I'll take the challenge.
    Q How can I reach Miya Bailey to get an interview? A For interviews or anything of the sort, like Charity Events, appearances, etc. call 404-644-1912.
    Q Can I email Miya my tattoo ideas? A The Answer is no. I hate emails. I dont need help with the design, except if it is portrait work.



#TrailerParkTuesdays | Guardians of the Galaxy

Staying loyal to the comics we love, its only right that we start this thing off with a Marvel Movie. Here you go, the 1st trailer for “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Until seeing this trailer I had no idea that they had been working on a movie for this series. But hey, it goes to show how deep into the Marvel universe that Marvel Studios is willing to go. Im not mad at it, enjoy.

OH YEAH…. There seems to be a calendar list of Marvel movies planned through 2028. Kevin Feige(Marvel Studios President) said it himself, “I have a map on my wall outlining all the projects the studio plans to put out well into the next decade….They printed out a new one recently that went to 2028.” I can see that, plenty of room to expand the Marvel “Movie” Universe with spin offs.

~ PetieParker

Tattoo No.1 [Los Angeles] Tour

Monday’s tattoo appointment was one of my favorite clients.. Professional make-up artist, Terrell Mullin (follow him on Instagram @TerrellMullin) I actually flew to LA a day early just to tattoo him…he brought me some good medical weed.. As soon as I hit it my mind was relaxed and I saw what I was going to create for him clear in my mind… Terrell is always extra cool and funny as hell… This dude has jokes… We talked about the reality show he’s on.. And the show I was on.. And how some people won’t respect your personal space when you are out eatting or chilling with family… I guess that’s part of the life…time for me to get up out of bed and get some breakfast.. I really want some pancakes… Stay tuned for tattoo no.2 later tonight ..



Alone time in LA…

I finally got some alone time!!… If you read my blog you know that’s very rare these days… Being a husband, father, friend and business owner it’s hard to get some peace & quiet these days.. Yesterday morning I woke up to the view of the mountains..in the far distant I can see the Hollywood sign…I can hear the cars on the streets below… A few people smoking weed on their roof tops… The cleaning lady just knocked on me door.. I tell her “To come back later”.. As I roll up a joint of some good Cali green. Some type of kush I never heard of before… I do a few minutes of sketching… I write a few words down in my journey… And called my wife to check on Phoenix it was her first day in daycare… So that was on my mind all night…I hope she didn’t cry…



Landed in Los Angeles…

Sunday night I landed in LA.. I checked in my hotel and learned I was located in Korea Town… I thought that was pretty dope so I wanted to try out some of the food since I never had Korean food before… The front desk at the hotel told me about a spot down the street that is open 24 hours a day… I didn’t really know what to order so I stayed safe and just got fish … Man it was good and HUGE… Wish I could remember the name of this spot.. I will later …but the customer service was on point… I just woke up some I’m about to pee and brush my teeth…